Air Touch - Balayage/Ombre
Colour Packages A/B/C
(What's the Different package?)
Package A-Refreshment $195 (ReTone)
Package includes:
-ReTone+ Refresh
-Olaplex  or K18hair / INNOluxe
- Wash/Dry
-Trim and Blow-wave
-Styling Finish

Package B-Reinforcement $275
1/2 Head Air Touch B alayage
(First time didn't want the Full Transformation
or Had 6-8 months old Balayage needs to ReTouch)
Package B includes: 
-1/2 head Face Framing Balayage foils
-Olaplex treatment K18salon treatment
-new toner
-Wash,Trim and Blow wave
Package C - Foilayage AirTouch
Full Transformation Experience
(Signature Service)
Start from $395+

Package include 

-Full Head Foils, using Balayage/Foilayage/AirTouch technique

- Low and slow process to keep your hair healthy 

- Olaplex/K18/INNOluxe Double Treatment

- Trim/Cut if you need one

- 3 colour toning(dark> medium>light)

- wash/RedKen rebalance PH level no.1+2

blow dry /Styling finished 


*Price may varies - confirm with your stylist be4 appt 

If this is your first time having a Balayage, most likely you will need the package C. 
*extra long/thick hair will be extra charge, accurate quote will be confirm before service.......
Please schedule a FREE colour consultation with Luka if you want to know more accurate pricing, because each individual hair is different case, Luka will help you to pick the best colour suit your hair and skin tone  😃
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Our guarantee      
You will be totally delighted with this package or it?s FREE!



If you are still not sure what you want with your hair and want to know more about price or what other colour option suit you the best, please sent us a few images of what you like and a selfie of your current hair, so we can advice you what to do, send those images to our number: 0452618828, and a short description of what you want to do, we will reply you.